Our Services

Our Services

New Salesforce Development

We specialize in building and customizing new Salesforce orgs. We work closely with stakeholders to quickly and efficiently create new Salesforce orgs, custom tailored to meet your business needs.
We take time to understand the business needs that drive the Salesforce requirements.

Salesforce Overhaul

Have you had a bad experience with a Salesforce consulting firm, or maybe your org is not where it should be? Look no further – We will breathe new life into your existing Salesforce org, fix incorrectly built components, make enhancements, and advise on best practices going forward to allow for growth and adaptation.

Continuous Salesforce Support

We provide continuous Salesforce support for your company after the initial build has been completed. We do not require a minimum book of hours. Only need a few hours of support per month? No problem!

Data Management

Data in Salesforce can get messy. We have advanced experience in data management, cleanup, querying, and mass data manipulation. Don’t wait until its too late to start fixing/managing your data. Data drives the business numbers!

Business Collaboration

We have business analysts, project managers, and experienced professionals on staff to help you build your Salesforce org. We take the time to understand the business requirements that drive the Salesforce adaptation.


Expertise in Salesforce automation, flows, process builders, and workflows. Criteria or event based email notifications, record changes, and more.


We have vast experience building automations to connect your Salesforce to external systems. Super charge your Salesforce org by connecting to external systems that drive the business.

Salesforce CPQ

Expertise in Salesforce CPQ adoption, maintenance, and training. We support all aspects of Salesforce CPQ including, quoting, pricing models, renewals, approvals, quote templates, eSign integration, and more.

Salesforce Communities

We have robust experience building Salesforce communities to support your customer and partner users. Integrity Tech supports all aspects of community development including design, implementation, training, roll-out, and documentation.


If your Salesforce needs cannot be met with declarative solutions, we have a team of developers that are experts in Salesforce code. 

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